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Rekindling an Old Flame: The Modern Fireplace

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 2:00pm Engel & Völkers

By Julie Pellestor 

Warm, dependable fires have kept up humankind for quite some time now, but today’s well-designed, modern fireplaces have proven there’s more to it than just survival. Contemporary fireplaces can provide warm accents, seamlessly blend into the layout of any room or stand out as a striking focal point, so here are some options to consider when you’re looking to warm your fingers and toes on something new and more eye-catching than a wood-burning stove.

Abandon your ax and stop chopping down those trees. As alternatives to a wood-burning fireplace, consider gas or ethanol ones. Powered by natural gas, many gas fireplaces are easy to start and can be operated with the single touch of a button. Their flames give a nice nod to those produced by wood, without all the debris that burning wood entails, and you can choose a gas chimney to either be a traditional, integrated or self-supporting one.

Ethanol stacks operate by pouring ethanol into an ignition box that then ignites a fire. Similar to modern gas fireplaces, ethanol ones are also available in a wide variety of contemporary and expertly engineered styles and can be self-supported or integrated. However, if you’re trying to attain maximum warmth, the ethanol fireplace probably isn’t your guy. Ethanol fireplaces can be pretty, but they may not suffice to fill an entire room with heat and often cannot be reliable as a main heat source.  

Fancy barbecuing in the wintertime? Opt for an outdoor fireplace, which can introduce sophistication to your exterior space—just make sure you’re not roasting marshmallows or veggies over ones that are purely decorative. Be an all-star host by creating the ultimate, ambient social experience for your close friends around a warm, outdoor fireplace. Make your fireplace the central piece in your outdoor space by complementing it with comfy furniture such as trendy poufs or other classic outdoor-friendly seating. 

We’ve come a long way from making fire with dry pieces of bark and tinder. Find your perfect modern fireplace by looking at your own personal style and the needs of your home.



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