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Top 10 Reasons you want to LIVE in the Okanagan - Part 1

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 3:53pm Marika Wolf

The Okanagan is my home and I am proud to say it is Canada’s paradise! Made up of approximately 363,000 people, the Okanagan spreads North from the Shuswap region all the way down to the US/Canada border by Osoyoos. It is filled with people from all around the globe who come enjoy the Okanagan Lifestyle!

Kelowna is our primary city and at the centre of it all! Each one of our unique neighborhoods has something to offer but overall the entire community has a couple of amazing things in common.  First of all, the weather is shared by everyone and one of the top reasons to move here!  Secondly, we all have access to the 4 season playground bringing ‘recreation’ to a whole new level.

Tourism is a major facet of our economy and not only do we have beautiful lakes, we also have hundreds of wineries, championship golf courses and access to skiing/snowboarding in under an hour away from Kelowna! Let's have a look at Part 1 of why you want to LIVE in the Okanagan.


  1.      WEATHER

This has to be the number one reason why there are so many people moving here and visiting the Okanagan every year.  Our Summer reaches temperatures nearing 35 degrees Celsius and our Winters are mild and mainly overcast.  We experience the perfect snow and temperatures for the slopes!  Spring and Autumn are both colorful making every season a great time to visit.  Kelowna receives over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year with the average summer temperature being 30 degrees Celsius! 



So we can play… can we work? I like to call the Okanagan, Kelowna in particular, a haven for work and play.  There are so many up and coming sectors contributing to the economy. The tech-sector, small business community, and our International Airport are huge additions to our economic growth.  Interior Health and our newly renovated Kelowna General Hospital is experience a huge upward trend.  Our food and beverage Industry is continually growing and adding  a vast amount of jobs for the younger generations coming into town.

With real estate being a huge part of our growth, building, construction, development and real estate overall, have seen a major increase in both jobs and production.


Most people I know who move to Kelowna do enjoy a laid-back lifestyle after a few months; it kind of grows on you.  With so much to do in  terms of recreation (outdoors and in), restaurants to visit, wineries to enjoy, and the Arts, most people try to minimize their work weeks. ;)  I moved here from a big city and it took me over a year to 'slow down' so be prepared.  Also, you won't always find business people wearing suits and about golf shirts and shorts!?! 

4.     LAKES, LAKES and more LAKES!

Surrounded by pristine lakes, the water is one of my favorite things here in the Okanagan and a great reason for anyone to move here. Boating, swimming, fishing, and simply enjoying the beaches, is a favorite pastime of our residents. 

Okanagan Lake is 135 KM long and approximately 4.5 KM wide.  It is home to the Ogopogo and we will learn all about that another day. ;) This lake is lined with beautiful beaches and spans from Vernon all the way to Penticton.  The water is warm and perfect for enjoying.

Kalamalka Lake (Kal Lake) is a large Glacial Lake near Vernon. The lake is home to many resorts, beaches and cliffs for diving. It most known for its color which ranges from a cyan to indigo throughout the year. The color is caused from Calcite deposits - a mineral consisting of calcium carbonate. It is a major constituent of sedimentary rocks such as limestone, marble and chalk. You must visit Kal Lake to see for yourself!

Wood Lake, is immediately south of Kalamalka Lake and is named after Tom Wood, who settled on the south end of the lake around 1860. This lake is home to a ton of Rainbow Trout and the best fishing lake around!


Finishing of our top 5 is the busting cultural scene.  The Kelowna Actors Studio, Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre and Theatre Kelowna are just a few of the theatre companies around offering top notch live performances.  We jae a ton of live music, the Okanagan Symphony, the Opera and galleries such as the the Kelowna Art Gallery and Kelowna Museum.  But that's not all...go to Mission Hill and listen to live music from renowned performers in the amphitheatre each summer, or go to a paint night with your friends.  There is a little bit of culture for everyone.   

So, if you don't already live here, I bet you really want to LIVE in the Okanagan now, don’t you? Stay tuned for Part 2 and make sure you give me a call so I can take you on a tour and show you exactly what this magical place is all about!



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